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Privacy Policy

Privacy and cookies policy

At FOOTK we pledge to implement the highest standards of privacy to all our website users.

What information are we interested in?

When an order is placed on the website, we request and save all your data, that may include; username, password, phone number, address, full name, and e-mail address, as well as your order details.

Dear customer, you can rest assured that your personal information will not be sold or declared, except for the sole purpose of the use of the website and deliver the requested order, for example, including without limitations, providing your name, phone number, and address for delivery.

Regarding periodic and promotional e-mails, we will be using your registered e-mail address, to constantly provide our customers with the latest promotional adds and our discounts. You can also cancel your subscription by clicking clicking on the bottom of the e-mail sent to you or through your personal account settings on our site.

How can we protect your registered personal information on our site?

We execute the highest security measures to protect your personal information.

We use the most suitable technologies and procedures to prevent any unauthorized or illegal access, loss or destruction of your information. When we collect data through the site, we store your data on the database within a secure server protected with firewall systems. When we collect payment card details, we use encryption via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Thus it is difficult for a hacker to decrypt your information since we cannot guarantee full protection. We also strongly advice you not to send your full credit card or debit card details, when you communicate with us electronically and without encryption. We place direct physical, electronic and procedural safeguards on the collection or disclosure of your information. Our security procedures may occasionally request proof of identity before you disclose your personal information. It is your responsibility to protect your password and computer from any authorized access.

Why do we use Cookies on the site?

We use Cookies to collect more information about customer interests, desires, and what fits through the analysis of the collected data, so we can provide them with a great shopping experience.

You can visit to learn how to disable this property.

"Every time you visit the FOOTK app, the information is sent from the browser (via your device) to the FOOTK server file history, where it is saved there. This information includes: the time and date you visited the site, the pages you viewed, the IP address, the URL that led you to FOOTK, the information stored and the type of browser used.  Once we have all this information, all IP addresses are deleted or converted to anonymous addresses. Anonymity means that your IP address has been changed in such a way that it cannot be linked to the original user or can only be linked through extensive research.  Anonymous information stored in the server log file is used to improve the shopping experience on the FOOTK website to make our website browsing easier, finding errors quickly and directing the server's capabilities to develop as needed. For example, this information allows us to calculate the peak times and develop a plan to make the server capacity sufficient to support these times thus providing the required speed and ease while browsing and shopping from our site. Customer consent declaration in connection with the continued use of the FOOTK website, they hereby allow FOOTK to analyse and use protocol data to develop and improve their E-Marketing Store."

Change the Privacy Policy?

By using the site, you agree to use the Privacy Policy and if we amend it in the future we will certainly notify you via the registered e-mail.

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